Are my purchases safe?

You should always look for the SSL Certificate before you make an online purchase. This ensures your information is encrypted and safely transmitted. It's kind of like sealing a letter in an envelope before sending it through the mail. You can find our SSL Certificate seal on our home page. If you click on the seal it will show you the verification. This is a built-in security function that works the same on every secure website that has active SSL security. On TempcoOuterwear.com you can find the SSL Certificate at the bottom right side of the home page footer. If you are using a private browsing window or other restricted browsing feature, the certificate may not be visible. If it is important to you to see the symbol, try using a different browser. The visibility of the symbol due to your individual browser settings does not affect the security of the site. 

How do you ensure I receive the right items?

We use a two-step fulfillment process. First, your order is processed in our customer service center, where we check to see if you’ve given us any special instructions, made any comments and where we gather your order together and box it, along with the receipt and labels. We then send it to the shipping warehouse, where a shipping specialist opens the box, verifies that the correct items were included, inspects them for quality and then applies the label to the box and sends it out. This process takes about 1 day. Most deliveries are shipped within 24-48 hours of the order.

When will I receive my purchase?

For items that are in stock we process the order generally within 1-2 days of receiving it. After that, it depends on the shipping method you chose. We ship from El Paso, Texas.

What if my item is out-of-stock, back-ordered, etc?

We try to only have actual in-stock items on the website. However, should an item be unavailable for some reason, we will cancel that item from your order. We charge you only for what is actually shipped. If we cannot ship your entire order, your receipt and your credit card statement will reflect that we only charged for the shipped items. We will not back-order any item without first talking to you and getting your approval.

What if my item doesn’t fit, or I changed my mind?

We have provided fitting guidelines on each style to help you decide. Before you purchase an item you haven’t tried on before, please pay close attention to the descriptive copy such as “Slim Fit” and look at the sizing guide. You can send an email to customerservice@tempcoouterwear.com to get more information about any specific item. And if the item you order doesn’t fit, or you just change your mind once you get it, you can return or exchange it following our general guidelines for returns.